Many times for a band to be successful, they need to hire their own ‘promo guy’….

Written by on December 2, 2017

Many times for a band to be successful, they need to hire their own ‘promo guy’. Sometimes they hire independents to work a specific record or, the smart ones hire someone full time to build the bands ‘brand’.

In 1977, before Styx released the ‘Grand Illusion’ album, they hired a radio programer from a small midwest radio station to be their ‘guy’. That guy was Jim Cahill. Jim promised the band all kinds of things. He helped make them the first band in history to have 4 consecutive albums each selling over 4 million copies.

When Jim was hired, he promised them a #1 hit record on Billboard. On Dec. 1, 1979, he fulfilled his promise. When the new charts came out that day, the Styx song “Babe” was the #1 record in the country.

38 years ago today. Jim Cahill, “Promo Domo”!!!

As a side note, after Styx, Jim went on to work for many of the biggest bands going, including the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Alice Cooper. Later in his career, Jim got into television. Remember when NBC Television started with the ‘peacock’ dropping down on the right side of the TV screen and then it went to split screen to show the credits…. that was Cahill who came up with that.

And we could have left him in the RKR basement..

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