Buffalo Springfield released their self-titled debut LP “Buffalo Springfield” on…

Written by on December 5, 2017

Buffalo Springfield released their self-titled debut LP “Buffalo Springfield” on Dec. 5, 1966. It was originally released in both mono and stereo versions but when the single “For What It’s Worth” became a hit, the album was re-released in 1967 adding it but dropping “Baby Don’t Scold Me”.

The album was produced by the group’s managers, Charles Greene and Brian Stone, each of whom had minimal experience as a record producer, and the band was generally unhappy with the sound of the album and felt that it didn’t reflect the intensity of their live shows. The band asked Atco for time to re-record the album, but the label, not wanting to miss the Christmas holiday season, insisted that the record be released as it was. However, the label did give Stills and Young permission to personally mix the mono version of the LP themselves, and the Buffalo Springfield have long insisted that their mono version was superior to the stereo version.

So, for those of you who have this record on vinyl, do you have the version with “For What It’s Worth” or the very first issue?

Happy 51st Birthday to Buffalo Springfield’s debut LP!!!

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