Day: January 3, 2018

Happy birthday to John Paul Jones, born on 3rd Jan 1946, bass, keyboards, producer with Led Zeppelin who had the 1969 US No.4 single Whole Lotta Love. The bands fourth album released in 1971 featuring the rock classic Stairway To Heaven, has sold over 37 million copies. As a session player in the 1960s he […]

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Jack Paar had one of the most popular shows on TV in 1964. On Jan. 3rd of that year, Jack did a story about The Beatles, a little over a month before they did the Ed Sullivan show. It must be noted that Jack Paar show a tape of their playing while Sullivan had them […]

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Best known for being a founding member of and the bassist / keyboard player in Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones is celebrating his 72nd birthday today. Before he was in Zeppelin, John was one of the most in demand session players in London. He worked with numerous artists including the Rolling Stones on Their Satanic […]

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3rd Jan 1969, Appearing live on The Lulu show on UK TV, The Jimi Hendrix Experience were booked to perform two songs, Voodoo Child, (which was performed in full), then Hendrix stopped performing his new single ‘Hey Joe’ after a verse and chorus and instead launched into a version of the Cream song ‘Sunshine Of […]

Yesterday, we posted about the passing of Roe Erister ‘Rick’ Hall at the age of 85. Rick opened the FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL and recorded some of the greatest music ever made. To help you understand what went on there, we will try to do it in 3 photos. The first photo shows […]

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