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Jack Paar had one of the most popular shows on TV in 1964. On Jan. 3rd of that year, Jack did a story about The Beatles, a little over a month before they did the Ed Sullivan show. It must be noted that Jack Paar show a tape of their playing while Sullivan had them on live. And it must also be noted that on Nov. 18, 1963, The Beatles were talked about on the Huntley-Brinkley Nightly News.

Beatlemania was underway in the UK, but the lads were still pretty much unknown in the US when Jack Parr did this, 54 years ago today.

You know we have to ask, do any of you remember seeing this when it originally aired?

Here’s the video:

1964: Long before the group appears on The Ed Sullivan Show, NBC’s The Jack Paar Show transmits a portion of a Beatles concert at The Winters Garden in Bournemouth, England. This is the first major exposure of the group on American television.



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