Day: January 6, 2018

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ARCH ENEMY Guitarist MICHAEL AMOTT: ‘Fresh Blood Can Be A Great Thing’ Read The Article

If he was still with us, one of AC/DC’s founding members, Malcolm Young would be celebrating his 65th birthday today. Malcolm was with the band from its November 1973 inception, barring a brief absence in 1988, until leaving permanently in 2014 due to health reasons. Young and the other members of AC/DC were inducted into […]

MARK SLAUGHTER: ‘I’d Rather Be A Has-Been Than A Never-Been’ Read The Article

JOE SATRIANI On New Album ‘What Happens Next’: ‘I Wanted To Do Something Completely Different’ Read The Article

ANTHRAX’s SCOTT IAN Says He Became A Professional Poker Player For Four Or Five Years Read The Article

6th Jan 1946, Born on this day, Syd Barrett guitarist, singer, songwriter with Pink Floyd. Barrett, who was a co-founding member, left Floyd in 1968. He released 2 solo albums before going into self-imposed seclusion for more than 30 years, enjoying life as an artist and a keen gardener. Pink Floyd wrote many tributes to […]

ERIC CUTLER Doesn’t Think AUTOPSY Has Evolved: ‘We’re The Same Scumbags We Have Always Been’ Read The Article

ANDI DERIS Says A HELLOWEEN Reunion Album With KAI HANSEN And MICHAEL KISKE ‘Would Be A Dream Come True’ Read The Article

DAVE LOMBARDO Says Early SLAYER Albums Were ‘Written For Drums That Needed To Be Heavy’ Read The Article

If he were still with us, Sam Phillips would have turned 95 years old today. Sam is best known for ‘discovering’ Elvis Presley. He also ‘discovered’ Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and many others. Here’s a very brief, edited history of Sam: In the 1940s, Phillips worked as a DJ and […]

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