Very few people reach ‘Legend’ status in their lifetime. With that said. If he…

Written by on January 8, 2018

Very few people reach ‘Legend’ status in their lifetime. With that said.

If he were still with us, David Robert Jones would have been celebrating his 69th birthday today. When David started performing, he used the stage name Davy Jones. The problem with that was there was already a Davy Jones who was very popular, mainly because of his TV show “The Monkees”.
So , because he liked the image of the American ‘Bowie’ knife, he became know as David Bowie.

In 1958, David went to a school called Bromley Technical High School. It was an unusual technical school, as biographer Christopher Sandford wrote: “Despite its status it was, by the time David arrived, as rich in arcane ritual as any [English] public school. There were houses, named after eighteenth-century statesmen like Pitt and Wilberforce. There was a uniform, and an elaborate system of rewards and punishments. There was also an accent on languages, science and particularly design, where a collegiate atmosphere flourished under the tutorship of Owen Frampton. In David’s account, Frampton led through force of personality, not intellect; his colleagues at Bromley Tech were famous for neither, and yielded the school’s most gifted pupils to the arts, a regime so liberal that Frampton actively encouraged his own son, Peter, to pursue a musical career with David.

We lost David two years ago on Jan.10th.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie. You helped change what people liked musically and what they accepted socially.

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