Day: April 4, 2018

KISS Guitarist TOMMY THAYER To Sign Copies Of ‘Ernest Hummingbird’ Book In Valencia This Weekend Read The Article

ALICE COOPER On His Recent Car Accident: ‘Both Cars Were Demolished, But Nobody Was Hurt’ Read The Article

Did you ever say something that you meant as a joke, but it didn’t quite work out that way? On April 4, 2007, The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards retracted / took back a statement that he had made to the Britain music magazine New Musical Express a few days earlier. He thought everybody would know […]

4th April 2007, A Swedish couple ran into trouble with authorities after trying to name their baby Metallica. Michael and Karolina Tomaro went to court with the country’s National Tax Authority about naming their daughter after the rock band. The six-month-old has been baptised Metallica, but tax officials said the name was “inappropriate”. Under Swedish […]

HELLYEAH Teases New Song Read The Article

There have been a number of ‘artists of influence’ in the history of Rock and Roll. One of the most influential of all was McKinley Morganfield. Mr. Morganfield would have turned 105 years old today. You will know him better as Muddy Waters. We could go on for day about Muddy, but we wanted to […]

TESTAMENT Guitarist Defends Picture With Israeli Flag Read The Article

On April 4, 1981, Styx reached number the number one spot on the Billboard 200 Album Chart with their LP “Paradise Theater”. Even though their previous 3 albums had each sold in excess of 3 million copies, this was the first and only time that one of their albums would be number 1. It remained […]

THE SKULL Feat. Former TROUBLE Members: ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ Album Due In The Fall Read The Article

GRAVEYARD To Release ‘Peace’ Album In May Read The Article

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