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Written by on April 5, 2018

You may have to be a little older to know this one. If you’re still “younger”, listen up and learn something!

Robin Peter Smith would have turned 79 years old today. You will probably know him better by his stage name “Crispian St. Peters” if you’re old enough. Robin / Crispian (5 April 1939 – 8 June 2010)[2] was an English pop singer-songwriter, best known for his work in the 1960s, particularly his 1966 hits, “The Pied Piper” and “You Were on My Mind.”

In 1966, St. Peters’ career finally yielded a Top 10 hit in the UK Singles Chart, with “You Were on My Mind,” a song written and first recorded in 1964 by the Canadian folk duo, Ian & Sylvia, and a hit in the United States for We Five in 1965. St. Peters’s single eventually hit No. 2 in the UK and was then released in the US on the Philadelphia-based Jamie Records label. It did not chart in the US until after his fourth release, “The Pied Piper,” became known as his signature song. It was a Top 10 hit in the United States and the UK

On Jan. 1, 1995, at the age of 55, he suffered a stroke. His music career was severely weakened by this, and in 2001 he announced his retirement from the music industry. He was hospitalised several times with pneumonia after 2003.

St. Peters died on 8 June 2010, after a long illness, at the age of 71.

How many of you remember this song?

Happy Birthday Robin. RIP.

Crispian St. Peters was one mid-1960s act, like We Five (from whom he appropriated a song), who seemed to capture a moment with his best songs, but never mov…

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