Day: April 10, 2018

KILLING JOKE Announces ‘Laugh At Your Peril’ 40th-Anniversary World Tour Read The Article

If there is a list of the best ‘Rock and Roll’ comedians ever, Sam Kinison would be at the top of the list. Sam was known for his politically incorrect style of humor. On April 10, 1992, Sam died at the age of 38 after his white 1989 Pontiac Trans Am was struck head-on on […]

FEAR FACTORY Frontman: ‘If OBAMA Did A Tenth Of What TRUMP Is Doing, You’d Be Screaming Impeachment’ Read The Article

OK, seeing as he was not dead, did he quit before he got sacked? In the April 10, 1970 edition of The Daily Mirror, Paul McCartney made the Beatles’ secret breakup public by issuing a press release to announce that he has left the group, done in the form of a fake interview: “Q: Is […]

Don’t Expect To See GENE SIMMONS In Canadian Pot Ads Read The Article

DEVILDRIVER Is Working On Staggered-Release Double Album: ‘This Will Be The Record Of Our Career’ Read The Article

So how far would you go to impress a potential date? On April 10th, 1957, Ricky Nelson, then all of sixteen, performed his recently-recorded version of Fats Domino’s “I’m Walkin’” on his family’s TV sitcom, ABC’s The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet. It made Ricky an overnight sensation. His Dad was one of the Executive […]

WHITESNAKE To Release ‘Shut Up & Kiss Me’ Single From ‘Flesh & Blood’ Album Read The Article

Although it had been around since 1954, on April 10, 1956, Leo Fender patented his electric guitar he called a Stratocaster. The Stratocaster was a successor to his popular “Telecaster” model of electric guitar. We thought long and hard about which picture to use with this story. We decided to use a picture of Jimi […]

10th April 1970, 27 year-old Paul McCartney issued a press statement, announcing that The Beatles had split, (one week before the release of his solo album). McCartney said, “I have no future plans to record or appear with The Beatles again, or to write any music with John”. John Lennon, who had kept his much-earlier […]

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