Heart released their 3rd album “Little Queen” on May 14, 1977. Little Queen. Wit…

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Heart released their 3rd album “Little Queen” on May 14, 1977. Little Queen. With the hit single “Barracuda” on it, achieved 3x Platinum status. At the time, Heart had the distinction of having three of their albums on the charts at the same time.

After their first album became a million seller, their record label took out a full-page ad in Rolling Stone magazine touting the band’s success, using the headline “Million to One Shot Sells a Million”. The ad was mocked up to look like the front page of the National Enquirer. The ad included one of the photos from the Dreamboat Annie cover shoot, but with Nancy and Ann looking into the camera. The caption under the photo read: “Heart’s Wilson Sisters Confess: ‘It Was Only Our First Time!'”. Just after the ad appeared, a Detroit radio promoter asked Ann Wilson where her lover was, referring to sister, Nancy Wilson was. Needless to say,Ann got pissed and went back to her hotel room and began writing a song. When she relayed the incident to Nancy, she too was pissed. Nancy joined Ann and contributed a melody and bridge. The song became “Barracuda”, which peaked on the charts at No. 11 and remains the band’s signature song.

The moral of the story….. Don’t piss off the Wilson Sisters!

Happy 41st Birthday to “Little Queen” and “Barracuda”!!!

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