Bruce Springsteen (The Castiles ) – BABY I

Written by on May 22, 2018

On May 22 (some stories have the date as May 18), 1966, then 16-year-old Bruce Springsteen went into a recording studio at Mr. Music In in Bricktown New Jersey. He went into the studio with his band “The Castiles.” They recorded two songs that were supposedly written in the car on their way there. The two songs were “That’s What You Get” and “Baby I.”

The songs were never released at the time and eventually made it onto a compilation LP.

Here is ‘The Boss’ 52 years ago today with The Castiles.

Co-written by Bruce Springsteen and George Theiss (Castiles) and recorded with the band at the BrickmallShopping Center (Mr Music Inn, Bricktown, N.J) on 18 …

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