There are times when you know your friends / bandmates have your back…. On March 21, 1967, John Lennon took his first major LSD trip. (before you say it, we are not sure what our sources mean by ‘major’). He did it while recording backing vocals on the track “Getting Better.” Their producer, the late […]

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21st March 2004, Ozzy Osbourne was named the nation’s favourite ambassador to welcome aliens to planet earth. The 55-year-old singer came top of a poll as the face people want to represent them to alien life. The poll of internet users was carried out following the discovery of signs of water on Mars. Ozzy won […]

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It is now official. He is Sir Richard to the Crown. But to the world, he is… SIR RINGO!!! The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was Knighted today by Prince William. Congrats Ringo!!! Let’s have breakfast!! Here’s the story: Ringo Starr receives knighthood The Beatles star is knighted by Prince William and jokes he’ll wear […]

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