If THE BAND’s Richard Manuel was still with us, he would have had 75 candles on his birthday cake today. Richard had an incredible talent but, unfortunately he had his hidden demons. Richard took his own life on March 4, 1986, just one month before his 43rd birthday. Even those close to him didn’t see […]

One of the truly great American Rock and Roll bands, The Young Rascals released their self-titled debut LP “The Young Rascals” on March 28, 1966, and rose to #15 on the Billboard Top LPs chart and #10 in Cashbox. Most of the songs on the record were covers of songs written or originally performed by […]

There have been many bands / artists that have been told by their record company “either this album is a success or you’re done”. That is what happened to Thin Lizzy. On March 26, 1976 they released their LP “Jailbreak.” It proved to be the band’s commercial breakthrough in the US, and the only Thin […]

Two of the biggest bands in the history of Rock and Roll, The Who and Cream (at the time called The Cream) played their first US show on March 25, 1967. They were part of a 9 day concert event that was put together by New York disc jockey Murray the K and were held […] How Many Of These Bands Can You Name? | uDiscover Music How many of the following bands can you identify? This uDiscover Band Quiz will test your music knowledge to the full – it’s hard but fun! Read it here Top 10 New York Punk Bands | uDiscover Discover our top 10 New York punk bands and see if you agree. You’ll find iconic names such as The Dictators and Talking Heads. Take a look. Read it here

Dave Grohll of Nirvana, Foo Fighters and many other bands is celebrating his 49th birthday today. Beside his music, Dave is also a film maker. If you haven’t seen his movie “Sound City”, you are missing a great film about a legendary recording studio. But one of the things we like most about him, is […]

The Band’s bassist, Rick Danko would have celebrated his 75th birthday today. Rick passed away on Dec. 10, 1999. So much history behind Mr. Danko. What is your favorite memory of Rick with THE BAND? Happy Birthday Rick. RIP. Read It Here!

The ‘British Invasion’ was in full swing by Dec. of 1964. More and more bands from England were getting airplay. And of course, anything to do with The Beatles was a hit. Well kinda…. When the new Billboard Top 100 Chart came out on Dec. 5 of that year, there was a new #1 song […]

The ‘California Sound’ was huge in 1977. Fleetwood Mac was one of the bands leading that movement. Their LP “Rumours” had a great 29 week run at the top of the charts until another ‘California Sound’ artist finally knocked them out of the #1 spot. On Dec. 3rd of that year, Linda Ronstadt’s “Simple Dreams” […]

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