The music world changed 54 years ago today. It was a very good change. It was a very important day for so, so many…. Feb. 9, 1964. The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. How many of you were sitting / laying on the floor in front of the family TV to watch […]

49 years ago today, on Jan. 12, 1969, music changed for many people. It was on this day that Led Zeppelin released their debut LP in the US. Of course, critics panned the record, but to the record buying public, well they never listened to critics anyway. We could go on for days on the […]

Music festivals have changed over the years. The big festivals in the 60’s and 70’s didn’t have the all the giant screens, taped music etc (or the price tag). Of course the artists have changed to suit the desire of the attendees. Here is a graphic for the lineup at the annual festival in Coachella, […]

His birth name was Ellas Otha Bates, but as a child he changed it to Ellas McDaniel. As he got older he got the nickname ‘The Originator’ and he played a key role in the transition from the blues to rock and roll, and rock, and influenced a host of acts, including Elvis Presley, Buddy […]

By the time he got to Woodstock… well, he changed it. Max Yasgur, the dairy farmer from Upstate New York, the man who allowed “Woodstock” to happen on his farm, would have turned 98 years old today, Dec. 15th. Max stood up to the locals who were against the festival and its attendee’s at one […]

Woman Slips Her Fingernail Into Her Drink At The Bar — When It Changed Color She Calls The Cops Woman Slips Her Fingernail Into Her Drink At The Bar — When It Changed Color She Calls The Cops Each night, as they leave their homes for a night out on the town, girls face a […]

There is no question that it changed over the past 50 years. On Nov. 9, 1967, the very first issue of Rolling Stone was issued. The first issue featured a picture of John Lennon on its cover. There are many who feel that the critics who have wrote album reviews for the magazine were out […]

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