0n July 12, 1979, The Chicago White Sox played a home double-header against the Detroit Tigers. Well it was suppose to be a double-header. Then owner of the White Sox, Bill Veeck, was always doing fun promotions to try to increase attendance at home games. The top Rock and Roll radio station at the time […]

In 1969, long hair could be a problem…. On May 20, 1969, Chicago bassist Peter Cetera, after just finishing a tour decided to take in a baseball game to relax. He went to Dodger Stadium in LA, where his beloved Cubs were playing the Dodgers. In the crowd were four Marines who notice his long […]

The band was originally call Chicago Transit Authority. They released their self-titled debut LP on April 28, 1969. It is listed in the “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” book. Terry Kath’s playing as a guitarist was so strong on this album that even Jimi Hendrix became a major fan of his playing. […]

On April 5 & 6 of 1968, The Turtles played at The Cheetah Club in Chicago (The Aragon Ballroom). It has been rumored and many sites report it as true that Jimi Hendrix was in the audience on the night of the 5th and came on stage and jammed with The Turtles. There is only […]

The end of January and the month of February in Chicago are usually very cold. So, it is always nice to find someplace warm to go. It helps if they have a good band too. On Jan. 24, 1969, if you were in Chicago, you could have gone to the Kinetic Playground and watched a […]

In the early 70’s, radio station WCFL / Chicago, was one of the biggest stations in the midwest. For those of you who couldn’t hear it, look at this ‘Hit’ list and see if your favorite station was playing the same songs. (If you can remember that far back) 42 years ago today, “The hits […]

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