Clapton Rory Gallagher: The Guitar God Who Was Ireland’s Hendrix And Clapton An influence on everyone from Brian May to Slash and Johnny Marr, Rory Gallagher was Ireland’s first rock god – the country’s Hendrix and Clapton in one. Read it here

13th March 1993, Eric Clapton started a three-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with Unplugged. It remains the most successful and best-selling live album ever, winning two Grammy awards at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards in 1993. It is also Clapton’s best-selling album ever, having sold 26 million copies worldwide. More on […]

16th Jan 1992, Eric Clapton recorded his unplugged session for MTV. The set which included his current hit single ‘Tears in Heaven’ and a reworked acoustic version of ‘Layla’, earned six Grammy Awards for the album including Record of the Year. More on Eric Clapton: Eric Clapton Eric Clapton is like an old friend […]

We like the look of this new Eric Clapton film – Life in 12 Bars: Eric Clapton On Life In 12 Bars: “I Sabotaged Everything I Got Involved In” At the London premiere of his documentary, Life In 12 Bars, Eric Clapton looks back over his life, with Jools Holland and director Lili Fini […]

The A-Z of music for 24 days until Christmas. Today is C for Eric Clapton: Eric Clapton Eric Clapton is like an old friend you’ve known all your life. From each album or live show, you know what to expect; quality music, great guitar solos, a few ballads and the blues. Clapton is the […]

See how many you can score in our very hard Eric Clapron Quiz: Eric Clapton Quiz Eric Clapton Quiz Read it here

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