In the early 70’s, government offices in Singapore clamped down on males sporting long hair because they said it spelt “gangsterism”. There was an incident where a man with long hair was lining up at a government department to pay his bills. He was told by an officer that he would be served last. The […]

In the early 60’s in the UK, kids were really getting into Blues music. One of the bands that would draw people from many miles around was Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated. It was one of those bands that all the upcoming musician wanted to either jam with or be in. On Jan. 9, 1963, one […]

Kenny Loggins is celebrating his 70th birthday today. Early in Kenny’s songwriting career, he wrote songs for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. When he got his record deal, they assigned producer Jim Messina to work with him. Needless to say, it worked out very well when they became Loggins & Messina. Kenny has had a […]

In the early 60’s, one of the more popular TV shows in the UK was Morecambe and Wise. For people who never saw them, they were kind of like an English version of Laurel and Hardy. On their Dec. 2, 1963 show, their guests were The Beatles. Here is a clip of one of the […]

In the early 70’s, radio station WCFL / Chicago, was one of the biggest stations in the midwest. For those of you who couldn’t hear it, look at this ‘Hit’ list and see if your favorite station was playing the same songs. (If you can remember that far back) 42 years ago today, “The hits […]

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