Why is it that great musicians make great bad guys on TV? On March 14, 1986, Frank Zappa made a guest appearance on Miami Vice as drug dealer Mario Fuente. How many of you will now admit to watching Miami Vice every week? They did usually have great music on the show. Read It Here!

Rock and Roll radio has seen better days. The great stations are slowly disappearing. Case in point. WLUP-FM in Chicago was a mainstay of Rock and Roll for 41 years. The station, better know as ‘The Loop’ was one of the first stations to use the Lee Abrams “Superstars” format and it was the home […]

One of the great Rock and Roll records, “Climbing” the debut album by Mountain was released on March 7, 1970. The album featured the ‘classic’ Mountain lineup of Leslie West (guitar, vocals), Felix Pappalardi (bass, piano) and Corky Laing (drums, percussion). Produced by Pappalardi, the album reached number 17 on the American Billboard 200 albums […]

One of the great guitarist of a generation, Rory Gallagher was born on this day, March 2 in 1947. Rory was lucky that his parents encouraged his interest in music. At age nine, Gallagher received his first guitar, an acoustic from them. He pretty much taught himself to play the guitar and he performed at […] 100 Great Songs about Girl Talk This is girl talk. As long as people have written songs there have been songs written about the fairer sex, many have included a woman’s name in the title. Read it here

The Everly Brothers were one of the first to sing together in great harmony. They inspired and taught so many to do the same. Today we are remembering Phil Everly who passed away 3 years ago today on Jan. 3, 2014. What is your favorite song by Phil and Don? RIP Phil. Thank you for […]

New Years Eve is alway a great time to catch a live band. You never know, someone you see for the first time on NYE could go on to be big stars. Here’s a list of bands / artists that gave their first performance on NYE. Janis Joplin, 1961 at a Beaumont TX halfway house. […]

This is a great picture of a young John Lennon. We can only imagine the thoughts he had at this time in his life.. We lost John 37 years ago today. We all like to think of the music he would have made if he weren’t taken from us. We all wish the ‘powers that […]

The Rock and Roll generation has been blessed with a number of great poet / singer / songwriters. One of the greatest, Harry Chapin, if he were still with us would have turned 75 years old today. Harry’s best known songs included “Taxi,” “W*O*L*D,” “Sniper”, “Flowers Are Red,” and the No. 1 hit “Cat’s in […]

We are enjoying this great new book out on The Jam. Drummer Rick Buckler talks about the 50 greatest Jam tracks and how they were written and recorded. Plus the history of the group, every gig they played, videos and more. Do you have a favourite Jam track or album? Read it here

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