For many people. the first time they heard the words ‘Black’ and ‘Sabbath’ used together, was on Feb. 13, 1970. That was the day Black Sabbath released their self-titled debut album in the UK. The album wouldn’t be released in the US until June 1st of that year. Most critics didn’t think to highly of […]

On Jan. 7, 1971, many kids in the US heard the words “I AM IRON MAN” for the first time. It was on this date that Black Sabbath released their 2nd LP “Paranoid”. The album was issued in the United Kingdom in October 1970, where its sales were enhanced by the success of the “Paranoid” […]

For many people, the first time they heard a “San Francisco psychedelic” guitar sound was in Jefferson Airplane’s song “Somebody To Love”. It opened up a world of ideas for guitarist. The man who made that sound, Jorma Kaukonen, is celebrating his 77th birthday today. Jorma is still performing. We wonder if Jorma will ever […]

You’ve heard of ex-Beatles Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best. Does Chas Newby sound familiar? Chas was temporarily the bassist for The Beatles in December 1960, following the departure of Stu Sutcliffe. He played his first show with The Beatles on todays date, Dec. 17, 1960. When The Beatles returned from West Germany for the first […]

The word first heard “Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes” 48 years ago today when David Bowie released his fourth LP “Hunky Dory” on Dec. 17, 1971. It was his first album on RCA, which would be his label for the next decade. The record received ‘artfull’ reviews that said things like the record has “a […]

14th Dec 1968, Marvin Gaye scored his first US No.1 single when ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ started a five-week run at the top. It was Marvin’s 15th solo hit and also his first UK No.1 single in March 69. Written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong in 1966, the single was first recorded […]

People in the UK heard some new music on Dec. 9, 1966. That was the day that the debut LP by Cream, titled “Fresh Cream” was released in there. The first single from the record “I Feel Free” was released the same day. (The album was released a month later, in January 1967, in the […]

You have all heard of the time that The Doors / Jim Morrison pissed of Ed Sullivan by not changing the lyrics in “Light My Fire” when they appeared on his show. That wasn’t the first time that had happened. Buddy Holly did it, and n Nov. 20, 1955, Bo Diddley did it. Bo was […]

When you hear her name, you probably won’t know who she is. But you have heard her. Today we are remembering the late Pattie Santos who would have been celebrating her 68th birthday today. Pattie was one of the lead singers for the group It’s A Beautiful Day back in the late 60’s. She was […]

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