The Woodstock festival had just completed Aug. 19, 49 years ago. One of the questions on a lot of peoples minds then was 'how come Bob Dylan didn't play at the festival? It was virtually in his back yard!" Here is a story from the UK that might answer that question.…/bob-dylan-how-the-isle-of-wi… Here’s how the […]

Here’s a decision to make. Be the drummer for The Beatles or drive a forklift. On June 11, 1960, Tommy Moore, who at that time was the drummer for The Beatles was faced with the choice of staying in the band or going back to driving a forklift. Tommy choose to drive the forklift and […]

As we get older, we all have those days when we are a little forgetful. Here’s an example… On March 6, 2004, while checking out of his New York hotel, David Crosby left behind a bag. When he returned to get it, he was arrested by the police. Not for being forgetful, but because the […]

Here’s one of those conversations that had long lasting affects. On Feb. 26, 1967, Elvis Presley had a conversation with Barbara Little, who was a girlfriend of a Memphis ‘Wise Guy’. Elvis had delayed an already-postponed trip to Hollywood to begin filming what will be his twenty-fifth film, Clambake because he had saddle sores from […]

Here’s one to check your memory…. The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson had it’s biggest audience ever (and the second largest for any show) on Dec. 17, 1969. Over 40 million people tuned in to watch the show that night. Why so many? Tiny Tim married Miss Vicki Budinger on the show. How many of […]

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