Think radio sucks? There’s a reason for that. Why doesn’t your band get played on the radio? Here’s the ugly truth… Link to original article here

All the biggest stories of the week are right here. Here’s 14 of the biggest news stories of the week that you might have missed Link to original article here

The Woodstock festival had just completed Aug. 19, 49 years ago. One of the questions on a lot of peoples minds then was 'how come Bob Dylan didn't play at the festival? It was virtually in his back yard!" Here is a story from the UK that might answer that question.…/bob-dylan-how-the-isle-of-wi… Here’s how the […]

Here’s a decision to make. Be the drummer for The Beatles or drive a forklift. On June 11, 1960, Tommy Moore, who at that time was the drummer for The Beatles was faced with the choice of staying in the band or going back to driving a forklift. Tommy choose to drive the forklift and […]

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