The Who’s John Entwistle passed away 16 years ago today. Here is a post that our friend Nick Scelsi wrote for CRRK 3 years ago. Thought we would repost it today. By Nick Scelsi: John Entwistle never much cared for the “big band” version of the Who that toured America in 1989 and 1996/97. With […]

On June 8, 1963, The Crystals’ song “Da Doo Ron Ron” peaked at #3 on the Billboard Pop chart. The effort is the brain child of Phil Spector, who uses a multi-track recording system to build the song layer upon layer to achieve a result that will become known as a “wall of sound”. Now […]

On May 26, 1972, David Bowie, having heard that Mott the Hoople, was on the verge of splitting up offered them two new songs. The first was “Suffragette City” which the band thought had no potential as a hit. The second song David offered was one the band really liked. It was titled “All the […]

The US Government at work….. On April 17, 1964, after an extensive investigation of the hit song “Louie Louie,” and its supposedly filthy lyrics, the FBI issued a report claiming the words of the Kingsmen’s famous version are incomprehensible. Trying to kill Rock and Roll. And, the song “Louie Louie” is one of the best […]

David Crosby and Graham Nash released their first album as a duo on April 5, 1972. It was a self titled LP simply called “Graham Nash David Crosby.” The two had done a series of concerts together after the split of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The concerts were so well received that they decided […]

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