The Rolling Stones played their first live show at the Marquee Club in London on July 12, 1962. The band at this point features Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones, with Dick Taylor, later of the Pretty Things, on bass and Tony Chapman. The band was paid 20 pounds. In this clipping, you will […]

On June 21, 1966, The Yardbirds played their last show at London’s Marquee Club. But, this was also the first time that Jimmy Page played live with the band. With Jeff Beck playing lead, Jimmy did this show as the bands bass player. Here is a picture from that show 52 years ago tonight. Where […]

The Who performed their first gig under their new name at London’s Marquee Club on Nov. 24, 1964. They promised what the poster famously call “Maximum R&B.” Before this show, they had been known as ‘The High Numbers”. So we do not think we are to far off to say ‘Happy 53rd Birthday to The […]

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