The Bee Gees Maurice Gibb, all of 19 years old married British singing sensation Lulu on April 18, 1969. The wedding at St. James’ Church, Buckinghamshire, England, was suppose to be kept secret. It didn’t work out that way. Over 3,000 fans showed up. Several children were hurt as the crowd – that had waited […]

Today we are remembering the late Maurice Gibb who passed away 15 years ago today on Jan. 12, 2003. Gibb died unexpectedly at the age of 53, at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida, on 12 January 2003 of a cardiac arrest, while waiting to undergo surgery for a twisted intestine, with his […]

……”How can you mend a broken heart?”…….. Twin brothers Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb would have turned 68 years old today if they were still with us. Maurice and Robin, along with their brother Barry Gibb made The Bee Gees one of the best selling groups of all time. Their body of work varied greatly […]

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