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Foo Fighters’ New Album Will Feature Paul McCartney – on Drums

August 2, 2017

Paul McCartney Through the Years: 1948-2017 Photos

June 17, 2017

That Time Paul McCartney Punched Eddie Vedder in the Face

June 12, 2017

Paul McCartney Praises Pot, Slams Fans on ‘Fixing a Hole’: The Story Behind Every ...

May 22, 2017


How Paul McCartney Pared Down on ‘Unplugged’

May 20, 2017

Paul McCartney Waxes Nostalgic, Gets Kaleidoscopic on ‘Penny Lane’: The Story Behi...

May 17, 2017

The Story of Paul McCartney’s Second Solo Album, ‘McCartney II’

May 16, 2017

See How Paul McCartney Looks in His ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Costume

May 13, 2017

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