On July 2, 1969, Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi announced that they were starting a band called “Mountain”. The group also included drummer N.D. Smart and keyboardist Landsberg. Keyboardist Steve Knight, was added after Landsberg left to form another group. The band started playing shows on the West Coast before getting to play their fourth […]

On June 10 & 11 in 1967, the KFRC Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival was held at the 4,000 seat Sidney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre high on the south face of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California. At least 36,000 people attended the two-day concert and fair that was the first of a […]

27th March 1984, Bryan Adams went into Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, Canada to record ‘Run To You’ for his fourth studio album, Reckless. It was the first single released from the album and gave Adam’s his first UK hit peaking at No.11. The music video shot in London and Los Angeles was nominated for the […]

One of the great Rock and Roll records, “Climbing” the debut album by Mountain was released on March 7, 1970. The album featured the ‘classic’ Mountain lineup of Leslie West (guitar, vocals), Felix Pappalardi (bass, piano) and Corky Laing (drums, percussion). Produced by Pappalardi, the album reached number 17 on the American Billboard 200 albums […]

Felix Pappalardi, a founding member of and bassist for Mountain would have turned 78 years old today. Besides forming Mountain with Leslie West, Felix was also a highly regarded producer, including Cream ( Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker). Feliz was killed by a gun shot wound he received from his wife Gail on […]

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