On April 14, 1963, The Beatles had a night off. Wanting to keep up on the local music scene, they decided to visit the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey, England, to see an unsigned band. That band called them selves ” The Rolling Stones. Here is a picture of what the Stones looked like around […]

The Beatles started filming their first movie, “A Hard Day’s Night,” at London’s Paddington railway station on March 2, 1964. During filming, up and coming Rock Star George Harrison met up and coming teenage actress Pattie Boyd. George fell hard for her. They would marry two years later. Or as Pattie has said, two years […]

On Feb. 5, 1979, The soundtrack LP to the film Saturday Night Fever reached sales of 25 million worldwide, making it the best-selling LP in history. Of course, that mark has since been surpassed (Thriller, Eagles Greatest Hit, Dark Side of the Moon etc). Disco was King in 1979. Well to some, others hated it. […]

9th Dec 1972, Neil Diamond released the live double album Hot August Night, from a concert on August 24, 1972, which was one of ten sold out concerts that Diamond performed that month at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The album peaked at No.5 on the US chart and spent 29 weeks at No.1 […]

It started out as a sketch on Saturday Night Live…. On Nov. 28, 1978, The Blues Brothers released their debut album “Briefcase Full of Blues”. The album reached #1 on the Billboard 200 and went double platinum. Two singles were released, “Rubber Biscuit”, which reached number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 and “Soul Man,” […]

On the night of Nov. 22, 1963, Dick Clark’s “Caravan of Stars” was scheduled to play at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium in Dallas TX. During their rehearsal for the show, the performers who were there, Brian Hyland, Bobby Vee, Jimmy Canton and Dale and Grace, stopped to wave to President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade as […]

On Nov. 14, 1987, TV Late Night show host David Letterman had Sonny Bono and his ex-wife Cher on his show, “Late Night with David Letterman.” Even though it was set up in advance, Letterman tried to make it look like a spur of the moment thing to get them to sing together. They sang […]

We are pretty sure you all are familiar with former Saturday Night Live cast member / actress Maya Rudolph. Well, her mother, if she were still with us, would have been celebrating her 70th birthday today. Maya’s mom was the legendary Minnie Riperton. Minnie grew up on Chicago’s South Side. As a child, she studied […]

31st Oct 1969, David Bowie appeared at a Halloween night at the General Gordon, Gravesend, England. The gig lasted about 15 minutes, after Bowie sang ‘Space Oddity’ to everyone’s delight and then dragged a stool on stage, along with a huge book. He then sat and read poems and was booed off stage. More on […]

For those of us here in the US, tonight is the night we set our clocks back one hour for the ‘daylight savings’ thing. So to remind everybody, we thought we’d post Cher singing “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Nothing wrong with that song, but The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge figured we’d […]

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