David Bowie released the LP “Low” on Jan. 14, 1977. Many people consider this one of Bowie’s most influential releases. “Low” was the first of three collaborations with Brian Eno termed the “Berlin Trilogy”, (though the album was mainly recorded in France and only mixed in West Berlin). The experimental, avant-garde style would be further […]

49 years ago today, on Jan. 12, 1969, music changed for many people. It was on this day that Led Zeppelin released their debut LP in the US. Of course, critics panned the record, but to the record buying public, well they never listened to critics anyway. We could go on for days on the […]

Very few people reach ‘Legend’ status in their lifetime. With that said. If he were still with us, David Robert Jones would have been celebrating his 69th birthday today. When David started performing, he used the stage name Davy Jones. The problem with that was there was already a Davy Jones who was very popular, […]

For many people, the first time they heard a “San Francisco psychedelic” guitar sound was in Jefferson Airplane’s song “Somebody To Love”. It opened up a world of ideas for guitarist. The man who made that sound, Jorma Kaukonen, is celebrating his 77th birthday today. Jorma is still performing. We wonder if Jorma will ever […]

Christmas 1962. The space race was happening and people were into the ‘future’. Many people bought aluminum trees with the rotating color light under for an ever changing look. And the music of the day was the same. When the Billboard Charts came out on Dec. 22nd of that year, the new #1 song in […]

We really don’t like to make people say how old they are or from what times they have memories. Here’s one from Brad Elvis’s collection that maybe some of our older friends will remember. Vee Jay Records, released a record sleeve in December 1964 that was just a sleeve so you could insert any Beatles […]

People in the UK heard some new music on Dec. 9, 1966. That was the day that the debut LP by Cream, titled “Fresh Cream” was released in there. The first single from the record “I Feel Free” was released the same day. (The album was released a month later, in January 1967, in the […]

There are times we post something and we hear from a number of people things like “What does this have to do with Rock and Roll?” We do it because sometimes it’s about the influences that a person or a record has had on Rock musicians. Here’s an example for today. Jaco Pastorius would have […]

Some people think it was one of the worst business deals ever made. On Nov. 20, 1955, at a meeting at New York City’s Warwick Hotel, Sun Records owner and producer Sam Phillips sold Elvis Presley’s contract to RCA for an unheard-of $35,000, at that time the largest amount ever paid to sign a recording […]

Very few people become legends in their own lifetime. It was one year ago today that we lost one of those who did, Leon Russell. Leon’s career spanned over 60 years and his massive range impacted the work of the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Elton John to name just […]

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