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3rd June 1983, US session drummer Jim Gordon, murdered his mother by pounding her head with a hammer. A diagnosed schizophrenic, it was not until his trial in 1984 that he was properly diagnosed. Due to the fact that his attorney was unable to use the insanity defense, Gordon was sentenced to sixteen years-to-life in […]

Happy birthday to Chris Rea, born on 4th March 1951, British rock and blues singer-songwriter and guitarist, who had the 1989 UK No.10 single 'The Road To Hell'. His 1989 UK No.1 album Road To Hell spent 76 weeks on the chart. In America he is best known for the 1978 hit song 'Fool (If […] Best Sidemen In Rock: 10 Musicians Who Deserve Their Due | uDiscover Unsung musicians who are more than guns for hire, the best sidemen in rock don’t always get their due, but are crucial to shaping a band’s sound. Article source:

29th December 1947, Born on this day, English rock drummer Cozy Powell, who worked with The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Gary Moore, Robert Plant, Brian May, Whitesnake, Emerson, Lake & Powell and Black Sabbath. Powell scored the 1973 solo UK No. 3 hit single 'Dance With The Devil'. Powell was killed in a car crash […] Best Christmas Rock Songs: An Essential Seasonal Playlist | uDiscover Article source:

Cream’s first album: released today in 1969. Cream: Two Years That Changed Rock Link to original article here

The Queen is sorted for Christmas. What about you? Christmas gifts for rock fans: the ultimate guide Link to original article here

“My career is all about exploring that range and diversity so I want the same thing to apply to this camp.” Mike Portnoy will bring rock, metal, prog and fusion together at new music camp Link to original article here

Today’s Big Question comes from Liam Merrigan, who says, “Name a great rock song from a non rock/metal act. Mine would be Crazy Horses by The Osmonds.” Thanks Liam! Link to original article here

Happy St Andrews Day to all our Scottish brethren. 10 of the best rock bands from Scotland Link to original article here

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