Berry Gordy borrowed $800 from his family on Jan. 12, 1959 to start a record label. He rented an eight-room house on 2648 W. Grand Blvd, in Detroit. The house was to be the future home of Motown Records and would become known as “Hitsville USA” to millions. When you think of the music that […]

On Dec. 24, 1968, Led Zeppelin left Britain to start their first American tour. Robert Plant remembered, “It was Christmas, and Christmas away from home for the English is the end of the world.” But the start of one hell of a tour. (This picture is not from this day in 1968, it is from […]

Beatlemania got a good start in the US on Dec. 20th, 1963 when Capitol Records released “Meet The Beatles.” The following Jan., The Beatles would appear on The Jack Parr Show in a taped performance and then in Feb, they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, an appearance that changed music for ever. “Meet The […]

It all had to start somewhere…. Today is Thanksgiving in the US. For this, we are thankful. The ‘Blues’ and ‘Rock and Roll’ are as about as interwound as is possible. One of the first Blues recordings ever made was by the legendary Robert Johnson. He made the first of those recording on Nov. 23, […]

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