The Beatles hoped to change the world through their music. Well they did and the main man behind it was George Martin. He heard something and decided to take a chance. It changed the world. It was two years ago today that George Martin, the man who produced The Beatles music left us. George was […]

It was 45 years ago today that the music world lost @Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, a founding member of the Grateful Dead. Unlike the other members of the Dead, Ron avoided psychedelic drugs, preferring to drink alcohol (namely whiskey and wine). By 1971, his health had been affected by alcoholism and liver damage and doctors advised […]

He said in song “I’d Love To Change The World”….. Of course we are talking about Alvin Lee. Alvin is probably best known as the guitarist / vocalist for Ten Years After – Band. It was 5 years ago today that we lost Alvin. He died on March 6, 2013 in Spain. According to his […]

The music world changed 54 years ago today. It was a very good change. It was a very important day for so, so many…. Feb. 9, 1964. The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. How many of you were sitting / laying on the floor in front of the family TV to watch […]

It was 35 years ago today that the music world lost Karen Carpenter. She and her brother, Richard, formed the 1970s duo The Carpenters. Although her skills as a drummer earned admiration from drumming luminaries and peers, she is best known for her vocal performances. Even though The Carpenters sold millions of records, she still […] Top 50 Guitarists | The Greatest Guitarists in the World | UDiscover Discover the best guitarists in the world. We’ve put together a list of our favourite 50. Take a look & find out who we deem to be the greatest guitarists. Read it here

The music world lost Harry Nilsson 24 years ago today. He was only 52 years old. Harry’s one of those artists that we could go on for days about, talking about his song writing for The Monkees, or his antics with Alice Cooper’s “Hollywood Vampires” and so, so much more. To show you the respect […]

The song lyrics go.. “My child arrived just the other day He came to the world in the usual way”….. The words are from the Harry Chapin song “Cat’s In The Craddle”, a song he wrote about the birth of his son Josh. Harry released the song in 1974. Josh has 45 candles on his […]

On Nov. 12, 2008, the music world lost Mitch Mitchell, the drummer for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Prior to joining up with Noel Redding and Jimi Hendrix, Mitch had an acting career. The picture below show Mitch, on the right when he starred in the BBC TV series “Jennings and Derbyshire” in 1958. RIP Mitch. […]

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