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Legendary concert promoter Bill Graham would have turned 87 years old today. Bill’s life started out in Germany and fled from Germany to escape the Holocaust. At age ten he settled in a foster home in the Bronx, New York. In the early 1960s, he moved to San Francisco, and, in 1965, began to manage […]

If he were still with us, Sam Phillips would have turned 95 years old today. Sam is best known for ‘discovering’ Elvis Presley. He also ‘discovered’ Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and many others. Here’s a very brief, edited history of Sam: In the 1940s, Phillips worked as a DJ and […]

Music festivals have changed over the years. The big festivals in the 60’s and 70’s didn’t have the all the giant screens, taped music etc (or the price tag). Of course the artists have changed to suit the desire of the attendees. Here is a graphic for the lineup at the annual festival in Coachella, […]

It was 21 years ago today that we lost Randy California. Some of you may not be familiar with Randy, so here is a little background on him. His birth name was Randy Wolfe. When he was 15 years old when his mother Bernice Pearl and new stepfather, Ed Cassidy (later to become a founding […]

New Years Eve is alway a great time to catch a live band. You never know, someone you see for the first time on NYE could go on to be big stars. Here’s a list of bands / artists that gave their first performance on NYE. Janis Joplin, 1961 at a Beaumont TX halfway house. […]

John Denver would have turned 74 years old today. The singer, songwriter, actor, activist and many other things died on Oct 12, 1997 when the experimental aircraft he was piloting crash into the Pacific Ocean just off of Pacific Grove, CA. John was an entertainer’s entertainer. He sold millions and millions of records as well […]

New Year’s Eve often signals the end of more than just the calendar year. Two of the great Rock venues of all time closed on that day. On Dec. 31, 1978, Bill Graham closed the legendary Winterland in San Francisco and on NYE in 1982, New York City’s infamous ‘Max’s Kansas City’ closed. The music […]

The Beach Boys Dennis Wilson left us 34 years ago today. Dennis Carl Wilson was a musician, singer, and songwriter who co-founded the Beach Boys. He is best remembered as their drummer. He was the middle brother of bandmates Brian and Carl Wilson. Although The Beach Boys were known for their ‘surf’ music, Dennis was […]

It is difficult for us to believe that it has already been 2 years since the passing of Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister from cancer. His death seemed to come out of nowhere and it was just a few days after his birthday. RIP Lemmy. You are missed by so many! Any way you can come back? […]

If he were still with us, Ian Fraser Kilmister would be turning 72 years old today. You will know him simply as “Lemmy”. He is best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, principal songwriter and the founding and sole constant member of the rock band Motörhead as well as a former member of Hawkwind. His […]

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