On Dec. 14, 1974, Styx re-released their single “Lady”. The song was off of thei…

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On Dec. 14, 1974, Styx re-released their single “Lady”. The song was off of their STYX II LP that was released on July 1, 1973. When “Lady” was first released as a single in 1973, it was getting strong local airplay in and around the bands home town of Chicago. The band was headlining concerts there and were building their base by opening for other, better known bands around the country.

In late 1974, Chicago radio powerhouse WLS decided to give the song a try on air and see if the reception was the same as it was getting on the local FM’s. When they played it, their switchboard went crazy with requests to hear it again. WLS actually played the song a little earlier than they told the band they would. The WLS management thought that Styx would have a lot of people waiting for the first play at the given time to call with requests. They surprised the band with the earlier air play. Didn’t matter, even thought the WLS management was correct in assuming a prebuilt phone attack, the results from the first play were way bigger than what the band had planned. Once stations around the country heard that WLS was playing it, it got added everywhere. It became Styx’ first hit going to #6 on the charts.

Happy 43rd Birthday to the re-birth of “Lady”!!!!

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