On Jan. 28, 1968, The Who, Small Faces and Paul Jones were in the middle os a sh…

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On Jan. 28, 1968, The Who, Small Faces and Paul Jones were in the middle os a short tour of Australia. They got on a flight in Adelaide heading to their next stop. Now here’s a surprise… things got out of hand on the flight. Here is what the Small Faces’ drummer Kenney Jones has to say about it:

“I remember when we took off for Melbourne, and our Australian support band (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs??) smuggled some booze on and were sitting behind us somewhere drinking. Later Paul Jones (of Manfred Mann, who also played that tour) asked the air hostess to pour some coffee. She said, “No, you’ve got your booze. You’re not getting any.” And he said in his posh accent; “Excuse me, I’ve paid my ticket and I want my coffee.” She knocked him back again. This woke up Moonie (Keith Moon) who of course joined in and started to pipe up, “Yeah! We’ve paid for our tickets! We want our coffee! I want one. I want fifteen cups of coffee!” It woke us all up and we started to chant “Coffee! Coffee!” So the captain comes out and told us he was diverting the plane because of us. We ended up at this other air field and when we walked off the plane the police were there with machine guns pointed. We all walked off the flight with our hands in the air and were ushered into this lounge where the head of the airport came in to talk to us. Once we explained to him exactly what had gone on we got an official apology, the air hostess was sacked and the pilot was reprimanded. But none of that got back to England. When we returned home there were headlines all over the national newspapers saying, “British bands The Who and Small Faces let England down.”

Ya know, we can just picture this….. Here’s one of the tour posters for that tour.

Wouldn’t you have loved to been on that flight?

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