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SABATON Is Working On Material For Follow-Up To ‘The Last Stand’, Says PÄR SUNDSTRÖM Read The Article

ROB HALFORD Says RICHIE FAULKNER Has Been ‘Embraced’ By JUDAS PRIEST Fans Read The Article

ANDREAS KISSER Says That He Is Tired Of Answering Questions About MAX CAVALERA Era Of SEPULTURA: ‘It Gets Old’ Read The Article

23rd February 1974, ‘Rebel Rebel’ by David Bowie entered the UK chart, the single reached No.5 the following month. Originally written for an aborted Ziggy Stardust musical in late 1973, ‘Rebel Rebel’ was Bowie’s last single in the glam rock style that had been his trademark. It was also his first hit since 1969 not […]

JOURNEY Keyboardist Says His Visit To White House ‘Wasn’t Political’ Read The Article

LIPS: Highlights Of ANVIL’s Four-Decade Career ‘Were Never Very High’ Read The Article

OZZY OSBOURNE Says He Won’t Play ‘Blizzard Of Ozz’ In Full For 40th Anniversary Read The Article

22nd February 1987, Andy Warhol, pop artist and producer died after a gall bladder operation. The founder of the Pop Art movement, produced and managed the Velvet Underground, designed the 1967 Velvet Underground And Nico ‘peeled banana’ album cover and The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album cover. Read it here

SEBASTIAN BACH Is ‘In The Writing And Demoing Stage’ For His Next Solo Album: ‘It’s Gonna Be More Uplifting And Fun’ Read The Article

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