Sex Pistols

Written by on March 10, 2018

10th March 1977, At 7am in the morning on a trestle table set up out-side Buckingham Palace, London, the Sex Pistols signed to A&M Records, (the real signing had taken place the day before). An after party was held at the offices of A&M records following the signing where the Sex Pistols set about reeking unforeseen havoc on the posh building, with Sid Vicious smashing a toilet and cutting his foot, trailing blood everywhere he went, while Rotten cursed and threatened every upscale executive in sight and guitarist Steve Jones getting it on with an unnamed fan in the restrooms. The contract lasted for six days. More here:

Sex Pistols

the Sex Pistols appeared on ITV’s live early evening Today show (in place of Queen,

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