There are many that say that it was the best live rock recording of all time. We…

Written by on May 20, 2018

There are many that say that it was the best live rock recording of all time. We are talking about “Live at Leeds” the first live album by The Who. It was the only live album that was released while the group were still actively recording and performing with their best known line-up of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. It was released in the US on May 16, 1970 and in the UK on May 23, 1970.

The LP was recorded at two shows, the first at the University of Leeds and the second in Hull. The Hull show was put together for the express purpose of recording and releasing a live album. The shows were performed on Feb. 14, 1970 at Leeds and on Feb. 15, 1970 at Hull. There were technical problems with the recordings from the Hull gig — the bass guitar had not been recorded on some of the songs which made it all the more necessary for the show from the 14th to be released as the album.

The original cover opened out, gatefold-style, and had a pocket on either side of the interior, with the record in a paper sleeve on one side and 12 facsimiles of various memorabilia on the other, including a photo of the band from the My Generation photoshoot in March 1965, handwritten lyrics to the “Listening to You” chorus from Tommy, the typewritten lyrics to “My Generation”, with hand written notes, a receipt for smoke bombs, a rejection letter from EMI, and the early black “Maximum R&B” poster showing Pete Townshend wind-milling his Rickenbacker and a copy of the contract for the Who to play at the Woodstock Festival.

How many of you have the original LP with all the items still inside it?

Happy 48th Birthday to one of the greatest Rock and Roll records ever, “The Who Live At Leeds”!!!

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