Possibily the best first date ever……. well it was kinda like a date… On June …

Written by on June 7, 2018

Possibily the best first date ever……. well it was kinda like a date…

On June 6, 1962, The Beatles, having been rejected by Decca Records, auditioned for EMI, recording four demos. It was the first time the band ever recorded at Abbey Road Studios. They recorded three original compositions called “Love Me Do,” “Ask Me Why,” and “P.S. I Love You,” and a cover of the standard “Besame Mucho.”

Producer George Martin was not at the session, but was called in by engineer Norman “Hurricane” Smith when he heard something he likes in “Love Me Do.”

Martin was not impressed with the group’s songwriting, scruffy outfits, and even scruffier equipment (one of the band’s amps blows during the audition), and he tells them so, finishing, “Look, I’ve laid into you for quite a time, you haven’t responded. Is there anything you don’t like?” To which George replied, “I don’t like your tie!” The tension is broken, and Martin, charmed by the group’s personality, agrees to work with them. (Though he later says, “They were pretty awful. I understand why other record companies turned them down.”)

So besides being their first time with George Martin which we all know how that worked out, the lads were paid £7.10 ($12,07US) each for the session.

This session had Pete Best on drums and Martin was unimpressed with him which would soon lead to Pete being removed from the band.

So, 56 years ago today, The Beatles had their ‘first date’ with Sir George Martin and made almost 50 bucks US!!

(The picture is not from that first session and is used only as a reference.)

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