Reo Speedwagon The Session PBS 1971 – Gypsy Woman

Written by on June 11, 2018

There are different generations of REO Speedwagon fans. In the late 60’s early 70’s when they were first starting to make a name for themselves in the midwest, they were fronted by Terry Luttrell. Terry was the band’s lead singer on their first LP.

There are a number of people who saw REO at places like Majestic Hills, a concert venue just south of Lake Geneva, WI (the place was often called the world’s largest chicken coop) that still feel that version of the band was their ‘best ever’ period.

Terry has 71 candles on his birthday cake today. For those of you who never saw REO with Terry…. Nothing against Kevin, but the band did change a little…. here is a video of the song “Gypsy Woman’s Passion” off their debut LP. With great guitar by the late Gary Richrath.

After he left REO, Terry also did a few records with Starcastle, a band many compared to Yes. Just such a talented man.

Happy Birthday Terry!!!!! Those were magical days for so many.

Reo Speedwagon The Session PBS 1971 – Gypsy Woman

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