“….Gimme an F…../ Gimme an I…../ Gimme a S…../ Gimme an H…../ What’s that spell?…

Written by on June 15, 2018

“….Gimme an F…../ Gimme an I…../ Gimme a S…../ Gimme an H…../ What’s that spell?…..”

Barry Melton, “The Fish” from Country Joe and the Fish is celebrating his 71st birthday today. “The Fish Cheer” started out as above, but by the time Country Joe did it at Woodstock, he changed the letters. (We are sure none of you know what letters he used…..)

Barry still plays music. When his son was born, he decided to enroll in the law program at La Salle Extension University, a now-defunct correspondence law school. After earning his juris doctor from Ocean University (a similar institution) and passing the California bar exam in 1982, Melton maintained a private criminal defense practice in San Francisco for twelve years before becoming the deputy public defender of Mendocino County, California in 1994. Following a brief tenure as California’s deputy state public defender from 1998-1999, he took a position with Yolo County, California, eventually retiring from nominal government service in 2009 as the county’s chief public defender. Since then, he has resumed his private practice and worked as a subcontractor for Lake Defense, the contract provider of indigent defense services in Lake County, California. He is certified as a specialist in criminal law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

We have had the pleasure of working with Barry on a couple of occasions (for interviews for Rock radio stations) and he always would show wearing a tie. But yes, it was always a ‘fish tie’.

Happy Birthday Barry!!!!

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