Stephen Stills released his second solo LP simply called “Stephen Stills 2” on J…

Written by on June 30, 2018

Stephen Stills released his second solo LP simply called “Stephen Stills 2” on June 30, 1971. The album was not as well received as its predecessor peaking at #8 on the Billboard album chart and with most reviews labeling it as indulgent, or as Rolling Stone put it, “fifth-rate self-indulgence”. About the only thing the reviewers complimented were the songs “Change Partners” and “Marianne”, which were the album’s singles but only hit #43 and #42, respectively, on the Billboard singles chart.

Stephen had a number of guest artists on the record. They included Dallas Taylor, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Nils Lofgren, Billy Preston, David Crosby and Jerry Garcia. Even Henry Diltz, the well known photographer (think The Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album covers) sang on one of the tracks (Henry is also a very talented musician).

The lyrics for this album were printed on the inside of the gatefold cover in red, on a background photograph of Stephen Stills in a mountainous outdoor setting pointing into the distance. There were numerous errors in the original printing of the lyrics, which necessitated that Atlantic issue the album with a large sticker affixed to the shrink wrap of the back cover with the corrections to the lyrics. Later editions of the album had corrected lyrics inside the gatefold and thus did not include a correction sticker on the album.

Happy 47th Birthday to “Stephen Stills 2”!!! Now go check and see if you have a version with the lyric mistakes.

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