Need a new drug? One with the power of Love?Singer, songwriter & actor Huey L…

Written by on July 5, 2018

Need a new drug? One with the power of Love?

Singer, songwriter & actor Huey Lewis has 68 candles on his birthday cake today. Of course you know Huey from his work with Huey Lewis and The News and probably from his work in the 1985 film “Back To The Future”.

His birth name was Hugh Anthony Cregg III. In 1967, he achieved a perfect score of 800 on the math portion of the SAT. He was also an all-state baseball player.

In 1976, after playing in the Bay Area with limited success with a band called Clover. they went to Los Angeles. They had their big break in a club there when their act was caught by Nick Lowe who convinced Clover to travel to Great Britain with him. However, Clover arrived in Britain just as their folk-rock sound, known as pub rock in Britain, was being replaced by punk rock.

Under the name “Bluesy Huey Lewis”, Lewis played harmonica on Thin Lizzy’s 1978 landmark album ‘Live and Dangerous

Not too long ago, Huey had to cancel shows due to a problem with his hearing.

He has done a bunch of cool stuff. What is your favorite song he sang?

Happy Birthday Huey!!!! Hope you can hit the stage again soon!

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