Another sad Rock and Roll story….On July 24, 1972, the music world lost Bobb…

Written by on July 24, 2018

Another sad Rock and Roll story….

On July 24, 1972, the music world lost Bobby Ramirez who at one time was the drummer in Edgar Winter’s White Trash. At the time, Bobby was playing in the band LaCroix. They were on tour with Uriah Heep and they had just done a show in Chicago..

Ramirez, bandmate Jerry LaCroix and the band’s manager decided to have a drink. They stopped at the wrong bar. After drinking at the bar, Ramirez had to go to the bathroom. While in there, another guy, who after seeing the length of Bobby’s hair, suggested he’d missed the sign on the door. The ladies room was next door. Ramirez answered the guy back and the guy didn’t like what he said, so he punched him. The bar owner tried to intervene but when he refused to call the police, Ramirez followed his attacker out of the bar. LaCroix followed too. The next thing LaCroix remembers is waking up to see Bobby bloodied up and dying in the band manager’s arms. His assailant had steel tipped boots and kicked Ramirez to death.

Bobby was only 24 years old. We are not sure if charges were ever filed.

RIP Bobby. We pray things have changed, everywhere.

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