05 Jim Peterik is a Survivor

Written by on August 10, 2018

Earlier today, we did a story about the tragic lose of Bill Chase and a couple members of his band “Chase” in an airplane crash 44 years ago today. There is more to the story….

We are pretty sure you all are familiar with the band “Survivor” (just think “Eye Of The Tiger etc.) Survivor was put together by songwriting legend Jim Peterik. Jim first achieved fame as the lead singer and guitarist of The Ides of March with their huge hit “Vehicle”. Jim became friends with Bill Chase, wrote songs for the band and would go on stage with the band every now and then.

In this video, Jim tells the story. He first mentions Chase at about 7:30 in and then tells how the name “Survivor” came to be and why it fit. Great video and great true story. Well worth spending a few minutes…


In this episode we find out that the multi-platinum rock band, Survivor started with Jim’s dream and vision. Well, it was a codeine induced dream he had whil…

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