Led Zeppelin released their eighth studio LP “In Through the Out Door” on Aug. 1…

Written by on August 15, 2018

Led Zeppelin released their eighth studio LP “In Through the Out Door” on Aug. 15, 1979. It was their final album of entirely new material. It was recorded over a three-week period in November and December 1978 at ABBA’s Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. It was the last album released by the band before the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980.

The album was named by the group to describe its recent struggles amidst the death of Robert Plant’s son Karac in 1977, and the taxation exile the band took from the UK. The exile resulted in the band being unable to tour on British soil for over two years, and trying to get back into the public mind was therefore like “trying to get in through the ‘out’ door.”

In contrast to previous Led Zeppelin albums, “In Through the Out Door” had a much greater influence on the part of bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones and vocalist Robert Plant. John Paul Jones has said it was “mainly because I had a new toy. I had this big new keyboard. And Robert and I just got to rehearsals early, basically. With Zeppelin writing, if you came up with good things, and everybody agreed that they were good things, they got used. There was no formula for writing. So Robert and I, by the time everybody turned up for rehearsals, we’d written three or four songs. So we started rehearsing those immediately, because they were something to be getting on with.”

Being their 8th LP, did you still have the same fondness for the band as you did when they released their fist couple of LP’s?

Happy 39th Birthday to “In Through The Out Door”!!!

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