“….and the 27 club began….”Legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, whose songs …

Written by on August 16, 2018

“….and the 27 club began….”

Legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, whose songs have been recorded by the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers and many other classic rockers, died 80 Years ago today at age 27. As the story goes, Robert Johnson met his end in 1938 at the bottom of strychnine-laced bottle of whiskey. He was playing a county dance in Greenwood, Mississippi, when a woman gave him a poisoned drink. In some versions, the woman is the wife of a jealous bar owner who tricks her into poisoning Johnson. In others she is his own jealous lover. Johnson’s mom recounted what she heard of her son’s poisoning to Alan Lomax: “Some wicked girl or her boyfriend had give him poison and wasn no doctor in the world could save him, so they say.” Johnson’s mom goes on to describe the moment of his death: “When I went in where he at, he lay’in up in bed with his guitar crost his breast. Soon’s he saw me, he say, “Mama, you all I been wait’in for.” “Here,” he say, and give me his guitar. “Take and hang this thing on the wall, cause I done pass all that by. That what got me messed up, Mama. It’s the devil’s instrument, just like you said. And I don’t want it no more.” And he died while I was hangin his guitar on the wall.

RIP to the Original Bluesman. This one of the Only photographs of him that is know to exist.

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