On Aug. 20, 1969, The Beatles finally finished John Lennon's "I Want Y…

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On Aug. 20, 1969, The Beatles finally finished John Lennon's "I Want You (She's So Heavy)". It was also the last time all four members of the group were inside the Abbey Road studios together.

There were two sessions on that day. The first took place between 2pm and 6pm in the control room of studio three. An edit brought together the February 22 && 23 recording of I Want You (She's So Heavy) made at Trident Studios and the April 18 version made at EMI.

The April 18 version was used for the first four minutes and 37 seconds. From then on it cut to the Trident version, ending at 7'47". The abrupt full-volume cut at the end was requested by John Lennon during this session.

From 6pm until 1.15am the following morning The Beatles worked in the control room of studio two, putting together a version of the album's running order. At this time the songs from the eventual b-side were at the beginning of the album, and the order of Oh! Darling and Octopus's Garden was switched around.

Although there were subsequent recording, editing and mixing sessions, for both Abbey Road and Let It Be, this was the last time in which The Beatles were together inside the studio. They all knew that Abbey Road would be their final recording, and after this date there was little need – or desire – for them all to be together in the building where so much magic happened since June 6, 1962.

Do you ever wonder what music they would have made if they had only decided to just 'take a break' and start up again in a year or two?

The picture below is of Abbey Road Studios where it all happened.

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