If you missed Woodstock back in 1969, 2 weeks later you could have made your way…

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If you missed Woodstock back in 1969, 2 weeks later you could have made your way down to Texas for the Texas International Pop Festival. The festival featured many of the same bands but only had between 120 and 150,000 people over the 3 days.

The festival was held in Lewisville, Texas, at the newly opened Dallas International Motor Speedway.

The festival was the brainchild of Angus G. Wynne III, son of Angus G. Wynne, the founder of the Six Flags Over Texas Amusement Park. Wynne was a concert promoter who had attended the Atlanta International Pop Festival on the July Fourth weekend. He decided to put a festival on near Dallas, and joined with the Atlanta festival's main organizer, Alex Cooley, forming the company Interpop Superfest.

North of the festival site was the campground on Lewisville Lake, where hippie attendees skinny-dipped and bathed. Also on the campground was the free stage, where some bands played after their main stage gig and several bands not playing on the main stage performed. It was on this stage that Wavy Gravy, head of the Hog Farm commune, acquired his name. (At Woodstock, he was Hugh Romney.)

The Festival began at 4:00 p.m. each day. Grand Funk Railroad, even though they were announced as "Grand Funk Railway", opened all three days and played through the afternoon heat till the opening band. BB King played all three nights and told the same jokes and stories, perhaps thinking he had a different 150,000 person crowd for each show. A couple of the acts performed a couple of times during the festival.

The lineup for the festival was:

On Saturday, August 30:
Canned Heat
Chicago Transit Authority
James Cotton Blues Band
Janis Joplin
BB King
Herbie Mann
Rotary Connection
Sam && Dave

On Sunday, August 31:
Chicago Transit Authority
James Cotton Blues Band
Delaney && Bonnie && Friends
The Incredible String Band
B.B. King
Led Zeppelin (announced as "The Led Zeppelin")
Herbie Mann
Sam && Dave

And on Monday, September 1:
Johnny Winter
Delaney && Bonnie && Friends
B.B. King
Sly and the Family Stone
Ten Years After
Tony Joe White

You know we want to know if any of you were at this festival and we'd love to hear your stories!

The Texas International Pop Festival, 49 years ago.

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