On Aug. 30, 1966, The Mamas && the Papas released their second LP, officially ti…

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On Aug. 30, 1966, The Mamas && the Papas released their second LP, officially titled The Mamas and The Papas but also known as "Cass, John, Michelle, Dennie". It included the hits "Dancin' in the Street", "I Saw Her Again" and

The making of this record was difficult / strange to say the least, Here is the story, hope we get it right:

During the recording of the LP, it was discovered that Michelle Phillips (wife of John Phillips) was having an affair with bandmate Denny Doherty. So, they fired Michelle. (Why they didn't fire Denny…. well he did have the best male voice). Their record producer Lou Adler's girlfriend Jill Gibson, who was already known and had recorded with others was hired to take Michelle's place. When all of this came down, better than half of the record was already recorded. Jill supposedly re-recorded some of Michelle's parts and sang on the newly recorded songs. The cover for the LP had already been shoot, so they redid the cover picture with Jill in the exact same position at the exact same location as the original picture…… we need a drink here….. so, the new album cover is done and the label prints up a bunch. Then, you guessed it, Michelle was re-hired to be in the band. So Michelle goes back into the studio to re-do the parts that Jill Gibson had done, you remember the ones that Michelle had already recorded before being fired, and on the new songs Jill had recorded. We guess (hey it was Hollywood in the 60's).

Anyway the record got released. Then someone at the record label realized that the first albums sent out had Jill on the cover and not Michelle. The label quickly reprints the cover and tries to recall the ones with Jill's picture, but a number had already been sold.

We couldn't find a picture of the album cover with Jill on it instead of Michelle, but they are out there and to a serious record collector, they are quite valuable. Probably not Beatles' "Butcher Cover" valuable, but….

Anyway, all this came down 52 years ago today. And then there was that mistake in "I Saw Her Again"…. Do any of you have the "Jill" cover LP?

Here are the two covers, side by side.

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