Amy Winehouse – The Girl From Ipanema

Written by on September 15, 2018

If she were still with us, Amy Winehouse would have been celebrating her 35th birthday today.

For many of us older 'rockers', we never really got into her music but we still can. Amy was one of the few that could use her voice as an instrument.

There are some that will say Amy wasn't Rock and Roll. In our opinion, she was one of the greatest voices / talents that there ever was. But then again, we had a personal influence.

Yes, Amy had her demons as many uber-talented people do. Amy was only 27 when she passed on July 23rd of 2011. That damned 27 Club.

Happy Birthday Amy. RIP. Thank you for what you left us.

Here's one of our personal favorites. We still remember the first time we saw her in concert. She was in a princess custom along with the Ashby girls. She was maybe 8……

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