Creedence Clearwater Revival released their 4th LP "Willy and The Poor Boys…

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Creedence Clearwater Revival released their 4th LP "Willy and The Poor Boys" on Nov. 2, 1969. It was the last of three studio albums that the band released in that year.

The album features the songs "Down on the Corner", from which the album got its name, and "Fortunate Son", which is a well known protest song.

By the fall of 1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival were one of the hottest rock bands in the world, having scored three consecutive #2 singles and the #1 album Green River. In addition, the group had performed at the landmark Woodstock Festival in August and made several high-profile television appearances, including The Ed Sullivan Show.

Bandleader and songwriter John Fogerty had assumed control of the band after several years of futility but, despite their growing success, the other members – bassist Stu Cook, drummer Doug Clifford and guitarist Tom Fogerty, John's older brother – began to chafe under Fogerty's demanding, autocratic leadership. The band's output in 1969 alone – three full-length albums – was staggering considering that they were touring nonstop as well. "That was a bit of overkill and I never did understand that," Clifford stated to Jeb Wright of Goldmine in 2013 "Fogerty told us that if we were ever off the charts, then we would be forgotten…To make it worse, it might sound funny, but we had double sided hits, and that was kind of a curse, as we were burning through material twice as fast. If we would have spread it out, then we would not have had to put out three albums in one year." The fiercely competitive Fogerty remained unapologetic, insisting to Guitar World's Harold Steinblatt in 1998, "Everyone advised me against putting out great B-sides. They'd tell me I was wasting potential hits. And I looked at them and said, 'Baloney. Look at the Beatles. Look at Elvis. It's the quickest way to show them all that good music."

Besides all the infighting that happened in the band, would you agree it was a great record?

Happy 49th Birthday to "Willy and The Poor Boys"!!

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